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    Site Rules


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    Site Rules

    Post  SharpRaptor on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:06 am

    Minor Offenses:(1 warning, per repeated offense, becomes a major offense if done 4 times)
    2.Posting over 9 smileys
    3.Double posting
    4.Backseat Moderation, which means saying things and trying to do actions only moderators and admins can do
    5.Reviving dead topics for no reason.
    Major Offenses:(Banned for 1 week, per repeated offense, becomes a grave offense if done 3 times)
    1.Stealing other people's work, especially renaming it.
    2.Using other people's work for a project without their permission.
    3.Posting work that has been unallowed in the past, but was renamed.
    Grave Offenses:(Permanently Banned)
    1.Showing any rude behavior that offends and ruins the reputation of the site.
    2.Posting any rude, utterly disrespectful, and cruel matter.

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